High ion transport resolution combined with ultra-high resolution QTOF technology provides the highest efficiency and for deep characterization of a wide variety of molecules.

timsTOF fleX

Combining the X-Omics leadership of PASEF powered by fully automated MALDI Imaging, timsTOF fleX seamlessly combines your deepest LC-MS workflows with the ability to contextualize your results through tissue mapping

timsTOF Pro2

The latest parallel accumulation serial fragmentation (PASEF®) technology, paves the way to 4D-Proteomics and 4D-Lipidomics with unbiased cell and plasma proteomics and liquid biopsy multiomic biomarker discovery, integrating genomics with proteomics and epiproteomics.

timsTOF HT

Expanding The Capabilities Of High-throughput 4D-Proteomics™. Powered by the 4th generation TIMS-XR and advanced digitizer technology for high dynamic range and analytical depth in quantitative cell and tissue proteomics.


The timsTOF SCP for quantitative single cell biology research with unbiased, deep single-cell 4D-Proteomics™, immunopeptidomics, epiproteomics and PTM analysis to complement scRNA-seq. Expanding the horizons of single cell research.
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